Just be Still

According to Google the definition of “stillness” is “the absence of movement or sound.” As someone who has always took pride on productivity and always searching for that next “thing” I never really realized how much clarity came from being still until recently.

I know that society has a way of making one feel like they always have to be moving to be productive. Just want to be the one to say that is the furthest from the truth. These past few months God really told me to be still …..and to be honest at first I was telling God I have so much to accomplish and get done blah blah blah. But situations and things took place to where I had no choice but to listen. Love that for me!! (Haha). On another note let me explain what I gained: peace, perspective, clarity, self love, wisdom, I mean the list goes on and on.

I learned the very things that were sent to break me to pieces really broke me to peace. I’ve grown to love the simplicity of life. I’m not attached to the things of this world because it’s temporary. I know that when God asks you to let go of something, it’s because something way better is on its way. Coming from someone who use to hold on to people, places and things, that’s growth!

God really is molding me right before my eyes and I’m so very thankful that the same God that created the Earth & parted the Red Sea for Moses is the same God that listens and cares about everything that concerns little ole me. I don’t know what the future holds but I know who holds my future.

Just want to encourage y’all to be still sometimes. Slow down and enjoy the little things because one day you’ll look back and realize that they were a catalyst for all the big things.